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VU Brand After 3 years of usage review

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i have purchased vu 32D6545 from flipkart, on 14 Oct 2015

from past 10 days it is not working.

screen blank, if we check with mobile torch slightly visible.

recently i have given to vu service center, but they are saying as total panel is defective, it costs 8000. actual price of the tv was 14400.

i am feeling as 8000 is too much to repair that tv.

please give your opinion, it will useful to others for durability purpose.

brand wise ok, but sudden investment is making me bad on VU brand.

lots of tv baught by my friends and family members.

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Still have a 20 year old CRT, and working like brand new, so that means old is really gold in this case wink

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badkarma wrote:

That’s what we call Chinese maal

Its not chinese,its US brand

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saymyname78 wrote:

yes , not like old CRT TVs which are working TOP NOTCH even after 20 years of usage .

Yes but with free UV and X-Ray exposure 😂😂
So you dont need to visit any diagonistic centers for X-Ray test 🤓🤓.Ekdam Free ka maal.2 in 1.Tv ke daam mein TV+Xray Machine.Great Deal 😂😂

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pls don’t buy VU TV after 3 year it’s back light going damaged and it’s repaired cost more than new TV cost. I have bought in 2018 and at 2021 same problem no picture showing after consulting customer care thye saying need 10000 for repair…

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I bought vu 32 8 years before, still working with no problems. TV on atleast 6-7 hours a day

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