Want to know about Axis Liberty account 25k spend

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Where should I spend 25k per month? Any suggestions? Little bit confused. Any knows. Axis liberty sb account 

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Any netbanking transaction
Any debit card transaction
Any P2M UPI transaction

Add money to Paytm/Amazon then transfer to bank. Most simple way

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I would do that but bank employees confused me. Ok will do that

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use cred to pay CC bills

or add amount in your DMAT account and then withdraw after two three days

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 what are the rewards for spending 25k ?

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No need to maintain balance for whole month.

If you spend 60k quarterly, then you'll get 750rs gift card of amz/FK etc.

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Whether this transaction was counted?Screenshot2023-10-24-14-45-05-2340deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12

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