Water purifier maintainance tips during COVID .


Most purifiers must be due for maintainance if you don’t want technician to come in your house here is what you do.

Water must be already testing bad. Writing this because the servicing cost is exhorbitant and risk of covid. Many i know have switched it off and using tap water. So writing this post.

Doesn’t matter the brand or number of stages. There is always an external pre-filter in white or grey colour.

Look at youtube videos of how to remove the white pipes from it (usually pushing the ring down and pulling the pipe) mine is AO Smith which has extra lock which needs removal first.

In many local large hardware shops you might get the filter element. Or look for local service company.

They can open the pre-filter and sell you the cartridge from ₹100 to ₹150 and fix in it. Or a guy like me who has extra filter cartridges and a chabi to open and replace it at home don’t need to go out.

Fix back the pipes, empty the storage tank (watch your brand video on servicing) and your basic servicing is done and water will taste normal.

When comfortable after few months call the engineer and get it serviced properly.

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plus1 for the thought behind the poat.

But by now, in most homes (including ours sad and relatives), electricians, masons (leakage, seepage repairs(, maids and what not have already come.
So (i guess) the water filter service staff visits UNDER PROPER PROTOCAL and care should not be an issue.
We do not use R.O. as my sister in law (bhabhi) and brother are convinced that R.O. removes good minerals (needed for their child) so i only know of the old UV + carbon/charcoal models.
(Once i did the mistake of registering a LivPure air purifier on my number. Even yesterday i got a call from a ASC, tgat you R.O.😖🤯 service request is pending. I’m fed-up, even tgeir website doesn’t list AirPurifier service and the product is also in another city at my relatives).

So in case of no technician visit; the old types (mesh/filter + odour removal/activated charcial + UV) are very easy to clean after we do it one or two times.
But the storage type need one to be careful about reassembly should be air tight.

We usually keep one spare filter/candle (buy it cheaper as it does not spoil even if kept idle).
For carbon, it is better not to use more than 10-12 month old stock (worst case scenario).

For UV lamp (and also RO membranes) it is better not to compromise and go with brand given ones or brands like 3M even if local ones are cheaper (as we can never really onow the performance of local/ ‘chaalu’ item)

Always kewp all nuts or gaskets or parts carefully in a box or small utensil (like a katori ) during disassembly.
And take photographs if needed.
So that we can match with the original

Carbon (activated charcoal) being over used is still ojsy but never compromise with pre filter or the RO membranes or a defective or cracked UV chamber or defective UV lamp.
(Activated charcoal doesn’t really neutralise any microbes or does not clwan lead, arsenic… i think).