we are not take caring of our mind,body

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we are not take caring of our mind guys in lockdown

we become addictive of social media, and games and other bad habits full day.
now my question to you, did u read books, did u done even 2 minutes meditation? or instead of this u are using mobile all the time?

to be frankly requesting to everyone of u , started doing good works and write here what good works did u done today??(will motivate other persons)

lets start, after this post i am going for meditation.

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It varies from person to person, the definition of time pass or quality time. For some it is social media, for some its reading books. The former group can be termed as morons, while the latter one is wiser. I tend to fall in between. I tried reading books, it bored me to death. I’m sure meditation will be equally boring. I only walk a few kms a day which is obviously good for me (it should be for anybody).

But yes, just for the sake of your eyes, people need to get off their dumb mobile phones. User your computer or laptop screen for media consumption and instead of that social media crap just watch good movies and tv shows and watch good videos on YT. Thats never going to be as good as reading books but at least it’s infinite times better than whatsapp, Facebook and whatever other social crap are there.