Weird issue with Samsung mobile

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I recently purchased Samsung f15 mobile although there is no issue of hanging or screen freeze but it has other issues like telegram notification comes but messages are not visible in chats. 

Other issue I have noticed is of error in time display. I noticed that in morning when I unlock my mobile it displays the time time when phone was last used by me although in 1-2 seconds it update to correct time. I have raised this issue with Samsung help they are telling to reset the device after taking backup and to visit the service center incase the issue persists. 

The software is upto date and lots of memory is free also I don't play games or watch videos on mobile.

Kindly suggest what should I do as the mobile is only 1 moth old.

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return it.

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Issue 2 is something to do.with deep sleep..

Are you using in battery saving mode? Or 3rd party clock... Reinstall it...

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I am using Samsung m21 2021 from sep 2021 onwards there is some issues with Exynous here for 1 case Rom /Ram UFS related specifications issues i feel somehow your ram is in excess use or ROM is overloaded with Heavy background uses application like Facebook, Amazon type background running apps.

If still issue is there needed to monitor ROM /RAM Uses.

For 2 case there is issue with Clock counter or related chipset issue it happens due to continuous uses of Samsung phone without restart you can experience i usually experience in early morning around 2 - 4 am it reflects me future or old date & time sometimes for best efforts people mentioned kindly update software, but it never works for me.

But restarting method in a day's once or twice it really helps in smoother operations.

Any how this issue with Mid or lower range smartphones M & F Series samsung definnetly did some miracle inside the box.

Hope for good luck. 

This is my experience kindly do not consider as final response it always varies as per user to user.

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I am not using power saving mode nor using any third party clock app. As mobile is new memory space is fine. I know many tricks for mobile maintenance my previous mobile is more than 8 years old only issue was that memory was getting full so I can manage I need mobile for necessity.


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That Memory Available value in all likelihood is wrong as it probably doesn’t include the memory allotted to cached apps. Actual "free memory" in a 6GB device running A12+ would be no more than a few hundred megabytes at best provided there are no memory leaks and/or background memory hogs like Facebook, IG etc. Running Services if not removed by Samsung gives the true picture but only after excluding cached apps which is recessed deeper and takes a second click. 

Edit: Seems Running Services is retained in OneUI.

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Telegram has some issue with one ui or on Samsung. It needs update from developer or Samsung.

Same issue


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