Weird Rule by Acko & DIGIT Health Insurance Policy

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I have been reading about Acko health insurance policy for the last 1 week. Today I spoke to customer care and found out their conditions are very weird and not mentioned anywhere in policy wording (at least, I didn't find).

1. You must be single to buy individual policy.

2. If you are married then only floater policy is allowed to buy; means you have to buy policy for "all" family members or none.

2. If your spouse has a policy from another insurance company then you (and your kid) can't buy a floater policy or individual either.

3. Even if you buy an individual policy now, the claim will be rejected if they come to know that your spouse has a policy from some other company.

4. Divorcee or widower can get individual policy though i.e. single parent.

I'm not kidding.

Edit 1: For those who think this is not legal, I came to know it is legal. Similar to group policies, it is up to insurance companies on whom they want to cover insurance. GODIGIT company is not an exception either. The company also has the same rule. This post is for awareness as these two companies didn't mention this hidden condition on their website.
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CC might not be trained..

IRDA allows multiple health/term policies and it claim can't be rejected on this ground.

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Don't go by what CC told you, trust only what is written(policy documents). 

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why didn't they mention these in document? should have asked them

sometimes we find cc very misleading

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caks2006407 wrote:

why didn't they mention these in document? should have asked them

sometimes we find cc very misleading

Godigit won't even allow you (or display the plans) to buy a policy (gives error) if the conditions are not met. Try it if you are curious. Yet they don't mention it predominantly anywhere. Clearly a hidden t&c.

Acko can be bought but likely they reject policy after payment. Their policy wording is of 65 pages. I read many policy wordings till date but theirs is probably the longest. It's not necessary they should disclose it in their policy wording. Policy documents will be sent for those after policy is issued so they don't need to mention it legally. However, morally they should have mentioned it so not to waste time for potential buyers. I spoke to two CC executives and both confirmed what I wrote.

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That's why TRUST Only Giants!

Aditya Birla, Tata ,Reliance , Max Life , LIC - Check there policy if it suits then get it

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