What are some of the best loan apps in India with low interest?

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Suggest me some best loan apps with low interest in India.

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Early Salary App is aware of the financial difficulties that today’s salaried employees confront. You’d prefer not to have to deal with money problems, especially towards the end of the month. Due to low-interest rates and various EMI repayment options, obtaining salary advances has never been easier than with Early Salary’s salary loan application. Salary advances of up to 5 lakh rupees are now available with interest rates as low as 9 rupees per day and minimum paperwork. It’s either now or never to get the app and take advantage of the Early Salary incentive. The following are some of the best features of the EarlySalary loan app:

A prepaid card has a balance of 0 rupees.

It’s backed by RuPay, which may be used at any retailer that accepts RuPay cards in India.

The card is available in both digital and physical formats, with the same card information on each.

The actual card is an EMV chip-based card with pre-activated security features.

A digital copy of the card is normally created when the account is set up.

In-store transactions require the genuine SalaryCard. Customers must make a request in order to do so.

The card is required for domestic transactions.

From the date of purchase, your card is good for 36 months.

Transactions at ATMs, casinos and gambling establishments are still forbidden.

If credit has been utilized, it must be repaid in EMIs. Each type of shopping has its own set of tenures.

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