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What are your thoughts on AU Small Finance Bank ?



I am thinking to open an A/C in AU Small Finance bank,

Wanted to check everyone's though/reviews on it.


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Crowdpuller Crowdpuller
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Go ahead without wasting time

Cool Cool
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which account type is good?
and some good features?
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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Very Very Good Bank 

U Can Go Ahead 

Generous Generous
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Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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Its ZERO Balance Account Just Like ICICI Mine and Kotak 811
Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Heard account opening was suspended temporarily in west bengal, anyone opened recently from WB ?

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Alert: This is regarding people who are rejected while doing vkyc related to location.

I called them up and officially they told that pincode in aadhaar resolving to the district in their system is checked for presence of branch in that district. If there's no branch in that district, they deny opening of account and ask to reapply when a branch comes up later.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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I need the card for a jiomart order

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