what exactly is aadhaar seeding / link with bank account ?


When I checked the Aadhar-bank linking status on the Maadhar portal, I noticed that only Canara Bank was displayed, and it was listed as inactive. 

Initially, our school opened accounts for everyone, but I closed mine many years ago after completing the schooling. 

Since then, I have opened accounts both online and offline in many banks. 

For online accounts, I used Aadhar OTP verification and Vkyc, while for offline accounts, Aadhar biometric (fingerprint) was used.

I'm confused as to why none of these banks are shown on the Maadhar portal, and only Canara Bank, which I have never actually used, is displayed there. 

Shouldn't the "bank-linking option" on the Aadhar portal show all the bank accounts we opened using our Aadhar card?

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At a time only bank account can be seeded with adhaar

Mainly it was introduced for two reasons

1. It helps the government to send money directly into your bank account using your adhaar number if you're a beneficiary like scholarship fund , house fund,nrega money etc

2 Helps the older age people who are not comfortable with online transactions can use adhaar number and  fingerprint  to withdraw money on any jann suvidha kendra

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Kotak 811 and post payment bank provide online facility to seed your account with adhaar

For others you have to visit the bank with adhaar and pan

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ICICI , HDFC also allow this to be self-done completely online

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@_rocky  , thank you for your assistance. From my understanding, this option was not intended to display all bank accounts opened using Aadhar. The reason my Canara account is appearing is because it was opened by the school and I used to receive scholarship money there.

So, if I understand correctly, the government does not send money based on bank account numbers but rather relies on Aadhar numbers for this purpose. In the future, if I am eligible for any subsidies or other funds from the government, they will be sent to my Canara account (which is currently inactive, so transactions will not be possible) instead of the bank account I provide in the application form. Is this right? Then I should get my primary bank seeded with Aadhar.

Please correct me if I have misunderstood.

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