What is the best way to utilise Axis Magnus right now?


Hi guys,

First time ever that i will be holding an axis Bank credit card and it's Magnus.

With all the current devaluations, what's the best way to hit monthly 1 lakh milestone and how to make use of reward earned in the best possible way?

Any help please? Thanks in advance.

PS: if this has been discussed in the past, would be glad if someone can share the post link for reference 

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With rent payment and wallet transactions now excluded to calculate the milestone it will be very hard to hit 1 lakh monthly spend if you do not have genuine spends.

If you cannot achieve 1 lakh spends a month then you need to see if other benefits and normal rewards of the card are enough for you to justify 10000 annual fee.(You get 10k voucher on renewal so its only 1800 a year)

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@raghupro if you are getting the axis magnus delivered before 5th march then for this month you can do two trnx worht 48-49k each as rent payment via nobroker/housing/cred/paytm/freecharge.

If you are getting that post 5th march , then it would be difficult as rent payments wont count for milestone

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Contact Karen Credit card se cash nikalawayen shop par . Only 2% 🤣🤣🤣 but still you get free foreign flight ✈️
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Don't fall into this trap of synthetic spending, better focus your time to upgrade ur skills and earn enough that these cards are just to assist your lifestyle., if you are spending 75-80k monthly then you can do some of this artistry for gaining big reward points. IT teams are becoming more vigilant and all your spends are reported, so anything suspicious over and above your salary may get you in trouble..  

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No jugaad that I want to get into. My general monthly spends are around 1 L to 1.2L but that includes genuine rent payment of 35k per month. 

I have seen people talk about how to use edge points to convert into miles and get better return rate, these are the kind of tips i was looking for. How to maximise benefits 

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At present gift edge portal providing Amazon pay gv at 3X and Amazon shopping gv and Flipkart gv at 5X reward rate.

Limit per month

10000 each for Amazon pay gv and Fipkart gv

50000 for Amazon shopping GV.

Without adding Milestone benefit, we can get 3.6% worth RPs on Amazon pay gvs and 6% worth RPs for Amazon shopping gvs and Flipkart gvs.

10000 Amazon gvs can be used for personal use.

Amazon Shopping gvs can be sold for 3% easily and FK gv also sold at good rate (personally not buying Flipkart gv).

Remaining spends can be completed with personal spends.

5% Milestone benefit is in addition to the above calculation.

Personally not suggesting Rentals or other manufacturing spends.

Edit : In the above suggestion, the RP value is considered as 20 paise. If the same RPs are used for miles instead of gv redemption, its worth will multiply manyfold.

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Is there anybody who wants to sell their Magnus credit card points? I am ready to buy it at a fair value

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I want to sell my 39k points

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