what's the minimum amount to get IDFC wow fd based

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What is the minimum fd amount for idfc wow. Its mentioned as 2000 in the website but it's showing 5000 when I apply.
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5000 it is. 2000 is gimmick.

Investt maximum in FD if you want good limit and unsecured CC with good limit after issuance of this secured CC

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Is the CL proportional to FD amount ?
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I had got 5k limit for 5k FD. There is no option to increase the FD amount and you do not get offers for other IDFC  ltf credit cards after getting wow card so I would suggest to get it only with a good credit limit

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Initially the minimum FD was offered for as low as ₹2000 & more likely still available for Savings/Salary Account Holders

But now an FD-secured credit card from IDFC FIRST Bank, one needs a minimum deposit of ₹5000 in fixed deposit


Here's the details for the List of other Secured Credit Card minimum FD amount

Min Initial Funding for FD


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