What's Your Opinion on Shilajit [ is it still a taboo in India ? ]

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in July, I had purchased one Shilajit packet in Amazon sample for 1/-



My home they had seen this and made it as a big issue, Many even scolded me for buying Shilajit saying that.. it's only for impotent. [ No clue why they had some bad opinion on this, my intention was to use this before going to gym ]

Friends, would someone help me to understand.. what's so wrong with Shilajit and why it is still a taboo in India?

I have gone through internet and in almost all places they mentioned it's for over all health and stamina including it's help in increasing testosterone and sperm count [ though clinically not proven].

if it's a taboo or bad to consume shilajit.. even consuming ginger, fenugreek, Morniga , urad dal is also a taboo or crime.

But, is that be really wrong for a man to use shilajit only if his testosterone is low?

Why aayurvedic is still stick to a point for " Shilajit is only for impotent " ?

Your valuable suggestions help me a lot to understand this part...

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I had checked this with an ayurvedic doctor and he said.. it's only for sexual wellness.
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Consult some more practitioners because the one you visited had limited knowledge 

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Ayurveda mentions shilajit for many other purposes without restricting it for only one purpose.

Their is no harm in consuming quantity suggested by practitioners. 

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I had checked this with an ayurvedic doctor and he said.. it's only for sexual wellness.
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@admin   @desi4dime

can this post be moved to appropriate forum so that I can get more feedback from dimers? 

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the 'they' around you who told you 'it is only for impotent, perhaps have too much thoughts (related to intercourse) in their minds.
Or are quite unaware of things.
(My assumptions are based on circumstantial evidence.)

@limbo any 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐞 studies to prove the 'aphrodisiacal' properties.. or even general physique, health increasing qualities (non sexual stamina, as required by the OP for exercising)?

𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐬𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐭_𝐥𝐨 it literally is just the stuff found embedded within mountain rocks at 10000-12000 feet, all across the world (not just in south Asia)

which goes through multiple stages of extraction and mixing it up with regular food items (clarified butter/ghee, jaggery/gud) and even cow urine.. and then the lump is finally kept to set/dry and sold off as shilajeet.

Obviously our species has taken to consume numerous things found in nature and use even dead plant matter/ animal matter and even animal fecal deposits for use in coffees etcetera.

So per se, minute doses or things going a little haywire with heavy metal poisoning or other contamination may not affect the body TOO adversely,
yet.. no harm in being cautious.

psychedelic mushrooms or other such miracle stuff/ mushrooms found at similar heights as this stuff too has unique effects on an average person's body.

I do not know when 'shilajeet' was a taboo or if still is taboo

but I know it for a fact that not every body type can take everything perpetually and oy some are meant to have any significant long term positives without as much harm.

Not just adult men, but others (like women) too.. in higher regions of Himachal, Jammu and South Americas do consume (what we call) shilajeet regularly with milk or whatever.

I have also personally known of a non-addict but wackadoodle consume two and half to three times opium (afeem) that average 'users' would die from.
But this person's body was so strong or used to it, that for funsake.. if the person had even 3× dose of opium/afeem.. they did not passout or die.

I am not casting aspersions on everything everywhere, but if something requires one to trek 10000-12000 on foot.. in the cold, slippery mountains.. to retrieve it...
how much of it can be real.. ASSUMING that it already isn't heavily diluted/ adulterated with ghee/ jaggery/ gou mutra and so on.

Also, mostly only those who regularly go up in those mountains can rightly differentiate between what is just another deposit between the rocks and what is the stuff that ultimately gets sold as sheela ajit.
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Main problem is xxx is taboo in over country.

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Written by an employee of Kapiva... Conflict of interest? 

Anyway there's zero high quality clinical evidence to support any of the claims mentioned in the article. There's no dearth of scientifically validated substances to boost performance during workouts. Not that amateurs need to bother with them. Shortcuts are best avoided.

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Elders say if we eat Morniga, urad Dal, Fenugreek seeds, Spinach, Oyesters ... we(boys) get more power..... means T Hormone... so, why they see Shilajit in convex lens when there are many kitchen herbs which gives us more T than Shilajit....

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