what site or bot is this

In morning I was in bus. The guy sitting in next lane was speaking on phone very loudly. What he was saying is this, "send them message from the whatsapp site that i told u about or the bot. It is free to use and does not require registration and you can upload files till 10mb in it." Now maybe he was a genuine person or maybe a scammer idk. But what site or bot is this which allows one to send whatsapp message without any registration? He was wearing a company's id and left when the it park came, so he definitely knew what he was saying.
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Edit- check screenshots in this thread, maybe they are using these kinda sites/bots for this purpose
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Cool Cool
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WhatsApp has api which u can integrate with other  apps.

May be he deployed a credential to a server and route the messages thru it. It's fairly simple.

For example you can send message a discord chat and it will deliver it thru WhatsApp

Benevolent Benevolent
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No no bro what he meant was send whatsapp messages without using your number for registration. For example, if a message from those sources is sent to you then it will probably come from an international number. 
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Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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Airtel.offers such bot , yesterday saw at their site

Benevolent Benevolent
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Link? I don't think an isp will offer such as misusers will use it more
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Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Using the Cloud API by META.
You can read more about it here

Benevolent Benevolent
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They allow this after one does proper kyc and documentation, right? Then how do people send scam messages thru whatsapp? Check edit part in main post + @guest_999
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