What to choose after 10th? Opportunities & career options after class 10

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Students are extremely confused as to which stream they should select or which subjects to choose and where will my career lead to etc

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If there's a confusion then choose your parents' field (either of them).

Otherwise just do anything from science.

This advice is only for those who are actually confused, otherwise take professional help.

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Below Middle class people : go for polytechnic courses and become eligible for jobs in next three years (cost 1L) (after that BTech OR AMIE)

Above Middle class people : +2 (Intermediate) and then BTech : Eligible for job after 6 years. (Expensive, spend at least 6L)

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STEM/Bcom if you want to earn money.. Arts it you want to struggle..

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Have to be more specific and detailed about self, prior to seeking generic replies.


Even kids as young as 10, take to magic/ showbiz.

Take up some formal education for namesake or perhaps study psychology, event management.


So it is not that simple.


Also.. unlike sheep... kids are not herded. And if they are, then the kids never fully develop their own analytical evaluation/ critical thinking and themselves become sheep.


Everything from humanities, laa to farming sciences, bio engineering or aviation/ apace engineering is a paying field.. if one is not hasty and is dedicated.


But one has to themselves have some basic sense of direction they have inclination for and possible aptitude for.


If still in doubt.. better to approach one (or two) senior people... mid management people whom you or your family might know.... people who are in recruitment or head-hunting firms.

Let them sit with the child  talk to them, probe them and get some idea of which possible two-three directions are more suited.


And I did not mean some youngster "HR" person... but rather someone with 16-17 years of experience as being in recruitment, interviewing candidates.

Such kind of a senior person. They would be able to guide better, after evaluating.

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