What to do when someone get scammed online?

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In this digital era world, there are lot of scams and frauds happening online. What can someone do when you know the identity of person who did fraud. Any website where we can raise cybersecurity fraud complaint or else should we take the matter to social media platforms like linkedin or Twitter?

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....draw a picture ( imaginary ) on a piece of paper and beat it with slippers all day....

Brand Enthusiast Brand Enthusiast
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try to scam others until we get our money back. 😷

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Tit for Tat 😂😂
Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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FOR PAYMENT IN ONLINE Use credit cards so even if you got scammed YOU ARE PROTECTED

Hmmmm use LOW LIMIT CREDIT CARDS online 

Reasoning why?

1) because so even if you got scammed the limit of money stolen is less as the limit of card is less 

2) and then because IN CREDIT CARDS you can request charge back easily EVEN AFTER BEING SCAMMED:) and your money will be refunded by the credit card company (i think if you did this within 21 days USING ONLINE FIR, credit card company will refund)

if you need to know more about credit card, follow my posts i usually am enthusiastic with credit card things:)

Post Mogul Post Mogul
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Bro i got scammed for 157 Rs how i can raise a chargeback

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