What under ₹1000 purchase did you buy for QoL (Quality of Life) improvement?

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What under ₹1000 purchase did you buy for QoL (Quality of Life) improvement? Something that really helps us possibly in day to day work or general activities.

I will start first..

Motion sensor circular light - We live in old building and my house's interiors were done like 20 years back. In the cupboard and wardrobe, we don't have those lights that many people get installed now a day that start as soon as doors are opened.

But I wanted some sort of light overheard in each compartment that will light up and illuminate that section.

Those circular rechargeable LED motion sensor lights work great for that purpose for me and really helps us (and esp my wife) see better. There are few places in kitchen too I installed them and now if its charge is over, my wife immediately brings it to me for recharging as it adds so much value to see those dark places in some kitchen corners (esp under platform).   

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Wall Mirror sticker.
works same as Mirror but stickable (just no need of any nails or something to hold)

bought from IKEA at 350

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People adding suggestions, kindly post product links as well

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OP pls post link also.

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Similar ones are available on most Amazon etc too.

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Mosquito trap machine to trap mosquitoes in darkness: https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B09M1...Z/

Inverter linear compressor frost-free refrigerator which drastically cut my power bill

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Does the Mosquito trap machine work good? does it make any sound, have a 1 yr baby.

Pls post the link of that firdge?
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