WhatsApp notification icon for 2 seconds

After every few minutes, i see the Whatsapp notification icon for 1-2 seconds (I think it is when app checks for new messages).

If there anyway to disable this category of notification icon? Because it makes me feel that i have received a new message.
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Deal Captain Deal Captain
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Disable notification for permanent solution.

Or, disable notification for wapp, force stop app, open again.

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Blaze Blaze
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Android techie spotted pray

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Benevolent Benevolent
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This Is Because Of Slow Internet Issues , Sometimes My ISP Is Slow , It Will Always Show Checking For New Messages, Immediately Switched To Mobile Data And Problem Solved

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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issue faced since ____?

issue faced on (official app, modded app)?

if on official app, can try migrating to the Whatsapp Business app.

Unless some recent changes have been made there is no such feature in whatsapp that it creates a temporary notification up top or pings their server on specific cues.

If it is vanishing so fast, are you able to see it when actively using? Can you capture the screen and check or share here.
I suspect it to be some other notification, maybe like update available or something.. from some other app that might be using a similar icon.
Comrade Comrade
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If its android at the app properties 》 notification 》 categories 》 try disabling few like other notification

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Possibility of data collection (audio/video) for fb to show you relevant ads in Facebook/Instagram/threads as whatsapp has permissions to access everything.

And policies of whatsapp mention that they can share data with meta i.e fb/insta/threads.

Flame Flame
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Android 13 gives you option to restrict a particular type of notification for apps. So you will still receive notification for your friend messages but you will not ever see this "Checking new messages" thing. I had faced same issue, then I blocked those notifications from mobile setting. But if you are using  android version below13 then there is no way. 

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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This is the solution to your problem. Need to upgrade Android version or update your phone 

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Using Motorola? Actually it's their recent bug in latest update. Everyone is facing it.

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Go to app info> notifications and turn off other notifications 

Firestorm Firestorm
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Keep ur phone in fridge for 1 hr ♥️

Like Magnet Like Magnet
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Helpful Helpful
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Use WhatsApp Web smile

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