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Hi dimers, I am not able to get whatsapp verification code on my phone. My earlier phone crashed and can't be used so I am using an old phone but not able to get verification code.

I have also tried whatsapp business but didn't help.

Please share some tips if available.
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Wingman Wingman
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Use sim in working phone and get OTP by call

Generous Generous
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Not working

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Could you try from different device or if trying from the same
then disable all permissions and see if it sends the SMS (instead of call).

Can also try by inserting the SIM/e-SIM in a different device than the one in which the application is being set-up.

Could you check and report back if it is allowing 'number change' by initially having some random number and then using the 'change the number on the account' to set-up the new number?

About trying Whatsapp business, if previously one used the same number for normal whatsapp then backups may not work (data would not migrate to the business account).
Generous Generous
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Tried on different device without sim. Didn't work.

Looks like last option is to login with new number and change number

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Facing same issue emailed WhatsApp but system generated reply all the time 

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Check if the 'reply to' addresses are same or every time the e-mails are locked to different agents (assuming it is not being answered by the drone).

Keep e-mailing ever 18-20 hours, especially checking for the correct escalation matrices. That way, can e-mail or mark a copy to all such e-mail addresses.

Hope it is not an issue with the local telecom operator. It would suck to have to port out, just to check if the OTP or call is received or not.
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Analyst Analyst
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I have raised issue previous week.. but no soluchan



Bought new SIM to get OTP.. .. confused


generally happens when you login/logout frequently.. and new update of WhatsApp gives OTP on its application and OTP coming via sms becomes problematic...


Don't resend too much as you'll be locked out in timer, will pop up like wait for 1 hrs/8hrs/24hrs..


For @gursharansinghkang , pls search internet, many users have reported issue and unable to resolve..

1. Not working

2. OTP again not coming

3. Same problem

Email will reduce timeouts..


Mine operator was Jio too+ new Moto phone.. I also suspect the reason what @limbo mentioned..


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