Where can i get Amazon git card or Flipkart git card at 10% discount ??

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I have HDFC millenia , Az icici , Flipkart axis , idfc credit cards

If any new credit card is required i will apply too..

I have some intermiles too , with sbi cashback credit card is it possible ??

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Let us also know if you get any method for 10% on agv

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Afaik discount is not available 

Hdfc Millinnia dc gives 5% + 5% via smartbiy, so buy 8k voucher

Note: for az egv around 3% fee is there

No fee for fk egv

You said you will apply for new cc

So try for 

Dcb gives afaik around 10%( card holders only can confirm)

infnia cc, gives 16% in the form of rp

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@Gauravmittal49589 pls check my above comment

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This is only possible in dreams

max u can get  -

Apay - 2- 2.5%

ASV - 2.5-3.25%

FK - 2.5- 4.5%


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