Which Bank's current account is best for P2P transactions

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I am crypto currency trader on Binance and other crypto platforms like ByBit and wazirx, As far as i know, using a savings account for P2P transactions is not suggested, Now that I have decided to open a current account on my personal name and not as a entity, which bank do you suggest is the best??

Trades involve a lot of buying and selling which equals a lot of money transactions, satisfying this idea which bank is best?? Considering less fees , and minimum balance maintenance, lower charges, unlimited UPI transactions and any additional benefits.

Thank you

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Go for FD-OD Account . I have an fd od account in idbi in the name of my company.

Its a Zero minimum balance current account type.

You may search such type of fd od in other banks as well

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Has anyone had any luck with using an FD OD account for p2p transactions? I did p2p for 15 days and I noticed many scammers who purchased from my p2p listing go and ask the bank back for their money. The bank is asking me why these people are asking for their money back so I have to give an explanation. But isn’t there a better workaround this situation? 

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