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Which card is best from following ?

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HDFC branch person is offering me the below options against IndusInd with matched limits and without ITR.
It will be my primary card as of now, hence requesting everyone to suggest which one should I choose.

My uses are:
Annual spend<60,000
Utility bills of ~2500/month,
Casual online shopping,
Fuel ~2500/month
International lounge access if easily available.

LTF ( when retail spends of 30,000 in first 90 days ) :
(1) IndianOil
(2) Freedom
(3) Moneyback +
(4) Business Moneyback
(5) Indigo 6E rewards

LTF ( when retail spends of 50,000 in first 90 days ) :
(6) Millennia
(7) Intermiles Platinum

We are not SEBI/IRDA registered. The information provided herein is for education purposes only. We will not be responsible for any of your profit/loss with this channel's suggestions. Consult your financial advisor before making any decisions.
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Image of Offer page :
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TBH, your annual spends are low; ~60K annual, so there won’t be much of a difference for you; Simply get Millennia CC, however you will have to spend 50K in 90 days, to make it LTF, which might be a challenge for you looking at your spend pattern, still you can achieve this by maybe using some rent payment to rotate money and accomplish this spend (I personally don’t suggest this in general, but since it’s onetime you can go for it)

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Go for miliniea do rent payment and transfer to yourself through Paytm i guess 1 % will be charged

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Go for Millennia and as suggested by fellow dimers, use rent pay to send money to your family members or friends to meet the requirements.

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Millennia CC is the card you are looking for

After you fill up keep a xerox copy of that form in case of any dispute regarding LTF

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Thank you everyone, filled form for millennia blindly.

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So credit card staff are at their best again. received a call from the agent I applied now, she told now HDFC has changed their policy. For millennia now it’s a minimum of 100k for old CC. she told me she applied for moneyback and if I don’t want that then I can deny it at the time of verification call.

So should I accept moneyback? and if I decline will be there any inquiry already made for moneyback ?

@BlueFlash @SastaRaju @pranavcool @prem4998

Generous Generous
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Hard enquiry is the first thing they do once the application is successfully submitted. Most of the banks do an enquiry on the day we submit the application or within 2 days of application.

If you have no other option and must need a card from HDFC for festive offers, then get the moneyback card for now and fullfill the spend condition and wait for an upgrade to Millennia.

I am not a HDFC customer yet, Applied through the agent for Millenia 2 weeks back. The person who spoke to me on the 2nd verification call suggested me to go regalia since my existing card limit is high and chances of approval is high for Regalia. So I went with it. Now asked the same person to change from Regalia to Diner Club Privilege after seeing on of the post here about the card. Hopefully they will accept my request or else I am gonna keep the regalia and wait for an upgrade to Infinia or DCB. Know it’s not an easy task to get upgrade to Infinia but gonna try my luck.

Subject to approval though joy

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@TempAcc Salaried or self employed?

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self employed pensive

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update- Received moneybank+ today. Limit given 26.5% extra than eariler card.

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Any physical verification done?

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