which credit card is good

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Which credit card should I apply after hdfc millenia credit card
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Better ask which card you expect to get based on your current income/job status.

Flame Flame
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Flipkart Axis and Amazon Pay ICICI for unlimited cashback.

Benevolent Benevolent
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SBI cashback must have died reading this 😂

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Like Magnet Like Magnet
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Indusind heritage metal, Axis reserve 
Generous Generous
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This question is as for as "which girl is good for marriage?" 

With no specific points in your query its very difficult  to give an answer. 

Try including the following in your query for better responses 

  1. Your current card ltf or paid 
  2. Your main spends (ecom shopping, bills, offline etc) 
  3. Ltf vs paid
  4. Cibil score 
  5. Recent applications /rejections, hard enquiries in past 3 months. 
  6. Salaried /self employed

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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salaried person 30,000/- having 750 cibil score. already have one hdfc credit card millenia which is used by my company for business purchases and want other for personal use. uni card will be closed by this 1 st december. so need other
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Generous Generous
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Whichever is LTF with no joining fee.

Never ever dare BOB, they do proper kyc by visiting work place and home toungueout

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Yes, highly weird behavior ... they should probably hire a personal detective rather than annoying and embarassing both at the same time.
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depends on use

onlne -sbi cashback 5%

offline-diner club black 3%/axis ace 2%

amazon-amazon icici 5%amex smartearn 6.5%

flopkart-sbi cashback&yono 8%

swiggy -axis myzone 40%

bigbasket - aubank 15%/bigbasket DBS 10%

paytm -amex smartearn 6.5%

phonepay-amex mrcc 7%
ola- ola sbi 7%

uber-amex smartearn 7%

also always always analyse the benefit in terms of percentage not in term of  pubg scope 2X 5X 10X

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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How phonepy amex 7 percent

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Benevolent Benevolent
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1. Take Magnus 

2. Start Paying bills/trading vouchers and hit 1Lac monthly limit 

3. One you have the point start convert it to airmiles and start booking flights as well.

easy 20K per month toungueout 

And ya...you can leave your regular Job or studies and focus on how to gain most from Axis points and keep tracking all the vouchers that you will be generating

Generous Generous
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now see , this is language of those greedy sales spam guys (words like 'take this take that','start paying','convert','EASY','leave  job or studies',)aur ye chu wala emoji 😛
where instead u sud first write on paper :-
1. cost of?
2.benefit of?
3.% profit?
4. is the profit in point above can b realised by other means?
5.if YES , then cost there
6.redemption means
7.is the means provided by redemption is usefull and needed by you 
8.any other terms and condition
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