which Foot Massager is better Agaro 33168 or Agaro 33270

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Hello friends, I am planning to buy a leg massager for home use. Looking for under 5k products and came through these 2 Agaro product. It would be good if anyone has any knowledge regarding their review or product and can help me in deciding it.

Agaro 33168 is costing 4k on Flipkart and
Agaro 33270 Grand Foot Massager is costing 5k in Flipkart and Amazon approx.
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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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both solve same purpose. buy any one.


you can also try getting acupressure slippers, yes they exist.


and solve same purpose at relative less price-200 to 800 max to max 

Entertainer Entertainer
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I think both are same except the later one was released recently.

I've Agaro 33168 and it's working fine. Make sure to register with Agaro for additional 6 months warranty, you will get the confirmation email too.

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