who is better Online or offline vegetables
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which is better Online subji mandi or offline

Now a days so many online platform available purchase fresh vegetables

Do you think that who is better Online or offline

Sujbjiwala bhaiya kaise Diya kilo
Subjiwali hogi to bar bar Jane ko Dil karega

But in online platform like
Zepto delivery in 10 minutes
Swiggy instamart delivery in 10 minutes
Blink it delivery in 5 minutes

Big basket  delivery within 2 hours
Amazon fresh delivery in 2 hours

Please comment who is perfect in your Life

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Commentator Commentator
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Offline smiley sabji wala bhaiya you can feel and see in case of vegetables

Benevolent Benevolent
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I prefer offline. Too much packaging in online veggies. 

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Both focus on different segment of market.

Offline- Housewives, homely, elderly , some working class, business class.

Online- techies, discount seekers, working class,etc.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Offline is better atleast for fruits & veg - many times quality or size of products is not as expected when ordered online. 

Critic Critic
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Offline- You can check and then buy, you directly support the small time business owners.

Online - Extreme QC issues. I have ordered from all, namely Amazon fresh, Flipkart Grocery, blinkit, big basket etc. 80% of the time I got disappointed, the freshness was questionable. The colors were dull, the size too small.all in all I guess the online market is filled with leftovers which is diverted to us.

Offline is cheap and best.

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