Which is the Best Thermos Bottle & Vacuum Flask in India for Hot & Cold Water/Drinks?

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What better then to have a Thermos Bottle / Vacuum Flask in Summer to keep your Cold Water/Drinks cold and refreshing for a long time. There are bottles and flasks available with upto 24 hrs temperature retention. Vote for your favorite one, and share your views/experience on it below. We have selected these Best Thermos Bottles & Vacuum Flasks based on our online research and their popularity on the internet. We will soon come up with a detailed buying guide on this product.

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Here’s the 10 Best Thermos Bottles & Vacuum Flasks in India in 2022 with Buyer’s Guide and Top Brands article. Have highlighted some of your viewpoints in the article with mention.

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Hard to say actually, as almost all major vendors in China make comparable flasks.

(India hardly has the knowhow or willingness to make such things here and still stay competitive).

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Despite compromises on design or prices, for my own use I prefer Anjali. As they have bettet control on things and making it themselves (Works is near Bombay itself).

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The likes of Borosil, Cello and other generics have scammy prices and terrible warranty support

hence for relatives or family; Milton it is.

Altgough most of these vacuum flask models sold locally has a seperate bottom ‘cap’ that gives the flat base.

Unfortunately either due to defects or normal wear tear.. these are prone to coming lose.‏‏

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Milton thermosteel screw lid. (option not available) The flip lid loses temperature earlier. 

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I have tried milton, cello Borosil and few local brands. All of them works fine for few months, after that efficiency drops.

My brother is using cello hot and cold 500/550ml flask for around 3 years and it works fine. Whereas I bought same bottle last year and it only keeps water warm for 2 hours only.

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Milton works well for keeping stuff hot for 24 hours. That too with ambient temps. mostly cool throughout, this year being a scorching exception. Although after some years of use it looks like it’s down to 18 hours or so. I rely on the flask on a daily basis as well as otherwise water here gets a tad  too cold to suit me.

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12 hrs min

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flipkart smart buy is good

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Eagle Flasks are the best. Offers 5 years warranty on the efficiency. Have been using one since 2012, still going strong without any issues. The efficiency now might not be as good as new but still is able to keep my water chilled for a full day. Would suggest to try once, you wont regret it.

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Vinod brand

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