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Which is your Favorite Peanut Butter Brand?

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Hi Guys,

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Peanut butter is something not many of us have a taste palette for, however, some of us do love the old-school PBJs if you know what I mean. Also, Fitness enthusiasm knows the benefits of peanut butter after a workout on in your meal plan.

Let me know in the comment section below which brand is the best when it comes to good quality peanut butter. 

Option 9 - Sundrop

Option 10 -  DiSano

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skippy and american garden are the best

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demerius2020 wrote:
deleting my comment wont change the facts , mods here are deleting the link provided which was from trusted website , user may GOOGLE the same "peanut butter may casue cancer " to see for it self apprately it have certain cancer causing compound while processing
Even Eggs cause cancer.

Infact animal meat is high in toxins and contains hormone inducing chemicals. It also leads to heart clog and cancer. So what to do??
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