Whirlpool Hob Warranty Claim


I purchased a Whirlpool Hob few months back.

Now one of the automatic ignition is not working.

When I called customer care they said visiting charge is free and cleaning if applicable will be chargeable.

Now the assignee (i guess it's people on contract) asking money 500 rupees for visiting.stating that the Service centre is 200km away. 

What can I do regarding this? Can someone please give an idea?

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report to customer care saying this and share the person's number with them and what is the warranty on the Hob (assume it will be full comprehensive 1yr) as why this is not covered under warranty? if cleaning is the only option that fixes this issue then better take a video/see how the person is doing so that next time you can repeat the same 👍🏼

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They literally get 100-200 as reimbursement for visit to repair at home. 

If you think it is logical for him to visit 200km away location in that much amount, then you should raise a complaint.

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Sorry Bro, it's brand's promise. They charge premium rates for including these stuff. The mrp is 28k. If I don't care about the customer service, I would go for local brand. 

And coming to reimbursement, I don't have much knowledge about Whirlpool, Singer,LG brands give 4Rs/km travel (only for travel).

My suspicion is that the agency is getting money without brand's knowledge, but I can't come to conclusions without seeing invoice.

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