Why Are Young YouTubers with Large Followings Quitting to pursue full-time jobs elsewhere ?

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In the past year, several full-time YouTubers ( solo and as couples) I followed , who were producing excellent travel content, have left YouTube to pursue full-time jobs elsewhere. These channels had around 200,000 ish subscribers. Isn't a follower base of that size sufficient to generate a decent full-time income from YouTube?

Meanwhile, YouTubers who started vlogging around 12 years ago and initially attracted large followings are still active. However, many of them have become old or their content has become monotonous ( visiting the same destinations for the 2nd or 3rd time around ) , making it difficult for them to produce vibrant travel content that aligns with modern tastes and trends. 

Will this travel vlogging sector continue to attract talented young entrants and retain them?

Now, when my subscribed channels are a bit late to release their content, my first fear is that they have quit as well.

Have any of the channels you follow quit? Have you observed any possible reasons for this trend?

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old blood should go and new blood should come. If you are having talent, nothing to worry. Take this as opportunity

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Retaining, consistency is key. which, i think, a lot of youtubers are unable to maintaining resulting into pursuing a job elsewhere.

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Subscribers count is not that important. View count is

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"guys aj me subah 10 baje utha"

"alle mela babu khana khaya"

the above channels will always find nibba nibbis to view them instead of

"andromeda merging with milky way"

"agi will shake everyone up, asi will f everyone up and singularity...."

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decent full-time income

could mean different thing for different people or even for the same person, it could be viewed differently at separate times or under varying circumstances.

Also, is it always about money?

Last week I chatted up a street hawker who was winding up for the day and seemed rather happy/ smiling almost like the Zomato delivery guy meme.

My curiosity had nudged me to talk to him actually. It had been averaging 40°C during the peak noon or post noon hours and for him to be out all day and still not loose it, was intriguing.

It turned out that he had a (push) cart full of 'leechi' (fruit).
Upon asking, he claimed to have bought in stock of about ₹5000 (including carriage, commissions and other tidbit expenses).

He claimed his gross revenue that day was ₹8000.

So basically he is making more in a week or so, than what freshers (analysts) or contract hire agents at TCS, Wipro make in a whole month. It does look like a @kool revenue stream as leechis are even getting sold at ₹300 per kilogram in towns with 4-4½ million population and them leechis being sold with thr stems/twigs that they grow on. So people are ready to pay ₹250-300₹ even for the twigs. Leechi weight might be what 65-70% and in that too.. mostly the seed.

But what are the odds of a white-collared worker saying okay fine, I bought the fake'ish MBA degree from those shady colleges/universities. Tried to become 'marriage material' by getting a regular job. But it is not working out, so let me being a tour guide or tour operator or drive my own Tata Ace or Tata Magic for local or intra state goods transportation/ deliveries and make 900₹-1100₹ daily (minus the EMI)?

Not to mention that south Asian cultures prioritise 'security' over too much risk taking. Thus such professions are not perceived as 'stable'.

Not to mention the high burnout in such fields.

I mean I have occasionally been shown those 'hi friends, chai pee lo' or PYTs (pretty young things) making senseless short format videos/ sketches (humorous or allegedly humorous skits) or even swaying to weird music and/or otherwise showing skin and body parts.. and they get 10 lakh 20 lakh subscription statistics out of nowhere.

But for the 'real' content makers, it is a continual process. Often a full time one at that and in the dog eat dog world of competition, technology
often they cannot be 'left behind' by even a day (as compared to competition).

And all this, we are talking of the meritorious ones.
How many of the content creators (who are the subject of your enquiry) are/were even really meritorious.. to is a question to reflect upon.

Obviously this is not the complete picture and is just the take of one individual (me).. and could be fallacious, way off the mark or based on intrinsically erroneous conclusions, assumptions.
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To gain 2 lakh subscribers, they my have spended more than what they have received from youtube. Imagine getting around Rs 20k for a month for such subscribers count..

Generous Generous
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some one with propoerty on rent is better off then these youtubeers

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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None of the social media platforms are healthy if you spend too much time on them either as a consumer or producer.

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