Why desidime don't let you post Referral links

As we all know, desidime gives u dimes for posting deals but don't you guys think that the person who have posted a deal which requires a referral link should be allowed to post his/her referral as he/she is the one who found it.
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I agree sweat_smile

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Also DD referal box in deal wiki either doesn't work or there is some wierd logic (sometime it shows referal links of 1 or 2 dimers only), raised this issue with couple of admins and moderators but neither of them bothered to reply

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Same this issue i have seen many times and reported 1-2 times also but no fix yet

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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because they make money from referring/commissions your for all sales and products recommended. You didn't think you're making money from those deals right? Amazon and dime admin are together in this and are looting you with those tempting prices

Cool Cool
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If you think desidime admin looting u than you should stop using desidime blush

Desidime not forcing anyone to post any deal

Its user choice

If desideme give you dimes for posting deal than its obvious no will give money from their own pocket blush

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Hamare yaha aise hi hota hai.. dd

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