why is there a huge difference in geekbench scores for same laptop ?

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Is there a huge variation between 11th and 12th gen ? 

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12+ Gen intel is minimum . below that had battery draining issues.

The screenshot seems to be not so correct as I see duplicate entries with different scores. Let's forget the scores for a while.

NEVER EVER BUY NOT SO POPULAR BRANDS. You will not get good support.

Given your line up of work what I see your need is .

i5 12+ gen, 16GB RAM, 256 /512 GB ssd  lenovo / acer.
so 40K  budget

this shows 45K but please check for further discs like student

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Thank you

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Bad choice of brand. Go with ryzen, it will suit your accounting/audit needs more.
Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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12th gen processors have architecture change. better than 11th or 10th gen processors

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