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My friend is in Netherland .. the problem is of internet , its costly there ...
If he wants unlimited use of internet  then for  public  wifi (free)he has to go from his room to ground floor of apartment
Anyway to catch signals of free wifi in room ?
Distance is he lives on 3 rd floor and for wifi he has to go on ground floor ...
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Repeaters can help.

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I used  laptop in that case placed laptop in between. And opened hotspot there must be a device for same thing (temporary)

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ab india me hote to jugaad kar lete , ek external antenna ko latka k y afir repeater kharid k

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Use spare wifi router as WiFi signal booter (repeater), this may catch wifi signal on third floor. 

Video link:-

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Get a wifi extender with inbuilt battery or use a powerbank to power it

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Get him starlink

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I also want to know my neighbour wifi password any one can help 😁

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