please suggest a phone

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I'm going to purchase a mobile phone in April 2024. Speed and camera is the primary focus and budget is around 35k and can go upto 40k.

Please let me know if there will be any new good phone launches in April or the existing one in this price segment.
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Title looks like a new year resolution

If you want suggestions please express that clearly in Title

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For resolution part, yes.. it's new year in April 24.. Chaitra
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Depends on what you use mobile for. You can go with samsung S23FE, or Oneplus 12R, Nothing phone 2, IQOO Neo 9 pro.

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Bhai tmne toh sub models ka nam leliya. Inme se acha inko batao ek

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OnePlus 12r Lelo ,stay away from iqoo (software experience is still not flawless)

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Will there be any new launch next month?

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Galaxy 23 FE
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You are in same boat as me.

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He have private luxury yacht..

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My Range is between 10k to 20K

So... No Idea

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Untill your phone is giving a lot of problems, dont upgrade.

Frankly there is no such improvements in smartphones recently.

If you feel your phone is lagging then do a factory reset with clear all data

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