Will I get an Amex Card without ITR?

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I am self-employed and received a preapproved HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card about 11 months ago. Initially, the credit limit was around 40,000. Later, I obtained an IDFC Credit Card with a limit of 30,000, followed by a OneCard with a 30,000 limit.

After approximately 6-7 months, HDFC increased my credit limit to 80,000, and IDFC raised it to 45,000. In August, I applied for and received the HDFC SWIGGY Credit Card, which is essentially linked to my existing HDFC limit.

This month, I applied for and received a Kotak Myntra Credit Card with a limit of 56,000, and my ICICI Amazon Credit Card has been approved (awaiting card delivery and confirmation of the limit).

Currently, my CIBIL score is 780 (recently refreshed and checked). My question is, can I apply and be approved for an Amex card? Alternatively, what other options do I have? Should I consider pausing my search for new cards for a while?

For context, I haven’t filed or given any ITR docs to any of these CC providers.

Any advice or input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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@Rohit23 True to what Luciferous said above about 6L min yearly salary. If I remember correctly, though it was quite some years, I had to share my bank statement reflecting last 3 months salary, didn't need ITR.

And the area should be serviceable.

Also keep your Cibil enquiry to max 1 per month.
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you need a min 6 lac itr for self employed or salaried

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Without ITR no chance

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It's completely on your luck, sometimes they do ask for the docs and sometimes they do approve the card based on the CIBIL and vKYC.

But as per the details you shared here, better wait a little. For any Amex card, 6L annual income is the basic requirement.

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It depends if you have credit cards already with good credit score & good limit they generally dont ask for income proof have 2 amex cards in both the cases they didn't asked for income docs

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