Windows related problem on desktop

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I use pirated version of windows 10 installed by a local computer assembler


, now showing this popup in every minute, what must be done to stop this?

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Use windows activator

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Have you tried looking for this on youtube? 

What kind of files you store on this pc? Are they very sensitive. 

Do you have hands on experience with tech, Can you handle if something goes wrong? 

If answer is NO to one or more question. Then buy windows 10 from amazon, flipkart, Microsoft or where ever you can get it cheap.

If answers are yes, then you can try KMSPico, I used to use that a lot. Honestly speaking, this is really not a big issue, you can install a fresh patched copy of windows or look on YouTube/ reddit you will find many solutions on how to activate the pirated windows. 

Also, be very cautious while downloading pirated windows. I am sorry, but now I don't remember the sites name which I used to trust for these kind of things. I used to do this back in 2018, not sure if those sites are now working or not. 

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Kmspico fire fire fire fire

Best download KMSauto.

1 click activation 😲😲

If not working, try different method by installing key & trying multiple times

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open powershell 

paste this and enter 

irm | iex

give permission with 'yes' 

press 1 then enter

u have now lifetime activated windows binded to ur motherboard 

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What this actually does 


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nowadays windows retail and OEM keys are being sold for dirt cheap just look and get yourself one, last year i bought around 10 oem key sticker pack from Amazon for around 1800 gave it away to friends who were using pirated ones and we all are happy.

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Irony is that you (you all) are still using pirated MS-Windows.

But the good part is that you have the blessings of whoever got paid around ₹1800 (less Amazon commission) and all (including the seller, Amazon) are happy🙂.
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