Do you know that you can use Android Apps on Windows 11? If yes, do you use any such apps?
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Windows Subsystem for Android: Android Apps on WIndows 11

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PS: people are giving such irrelevant response, I had to delete the post.

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I used BlueStacks few years back, it worked fine then, not sure about now.

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Almost all apps you use on Android are available in windows  Microsoft store of windows 11. Check download and use.

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Microsoft Store 


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search google

wsa builds Releases MustardChef/WSABuilds github

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I have an Android phone, thank you. Also WSA is nothing new it's just a virtual machine, same as nox, bluestacks, ldplayer, etc. Just seamlessly integrated in Windows UI, In the past i had dual booted a laptop with Androidx86 and believe me the experience was way too awesome than using the Android VMs. or just stick with an Android phone or tablet.

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