world bicycle day [June 03]

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June 03 is celebrated are 🚲world bicycle day.🚴🏻‍♀

There was a time, even in India, when in urban spaces too
masses moved on bicycles (human powered ones).

It even became part of pop culture with songs, dances, movie scenes made famous over time.. having bicycle as a key prop.

Although the 'licence raj' favoured local brands, there was no dearth of reasonably good products at value for money pricing with enough longevity.

Now bicycles are marketed more as part of the fitness regimen or as a novelty (more like show-off).

Especially for those past 35-40 years of age (and stay in denial, call themselves 'middle-aged'😄) it is routine to have 'Shimano gears' in their bicycles. From 7 to 14 to even 21 gears, without known what Shimano company is or what use case scenarios exist.

Unlike lin city states like Luxembourg or elsewhere in Europe and even in China, Korea, some parts of India too.. where there is not much hoity-toity prestige involved
many well to do Indians unfortunately look at 🚴🏻‍♀bicycles🚲 as another trophy equipment (like: treadmill).

The higher the prices, the more the features.. the more it is perceived as 'luxury' and worth paying for.. by the customers.
Unfortunately within 2-3 years such bicycles end up as decorations only, if not already given away or sold.

Over the weekend, I saw decent discounts on
Leader Beast 26T Multispeed (7 Speed) Mountain Bike with Front Suspension & Dual Disc Brake - MATT Black/SEA Green. Ideal for 12 + Years (Frame: 18 Inches)
Leader Gladiator 26t Mountain Bike Multispeed (21 Speed) Gear Cycle | Free Pan India Installation| Front Suspension and Disc Brake (26T, Grey) and others.
I even hit the form and started filling it.

But am too lazy to complete it
or rather
I am not as industrious as a @luciferous, @Ram-Bhaiya, @dealskabap, @Bhawin, @cweetkamal, @Censuresh, @Siddhartha07 and others.

Verifying and referencing nearly a dozen or more parameters for each deal and posting multiple deals ON and ON, arrrrrghh
seems so strenuous, stressful.
Maybe some of you all can post some bicycle deals though.
And hopefully even more people go back to using foot peddled or even electric powered bicycles as their primary mode of local transport.
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It would be great to hear if someone or some company in your region or town/city is also into cost effective rentals of bicycles.🙂

I am sure many here might already have contemplated or even used the recent start-ups which have started offered normal (human powered) and electric bicycles on rentals.

Do you find the rentals cost effective, if you have to use for more than a month?
Or would you rather own the bicycle, than to rent it?
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Bicycle is the future, its the future of transportation which will allow to deal with global worming and congestions. Many cities in Europe amd part of USA has implemented proper intra city roads and lanes conserved for bicycles. We should also follow such mechanisms for our betterment, its a very good exercise tool too.

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indeed! that is the (sometimes sad) reality.
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Hello there, I'm a cyclist and was happy to see the discussion title. I agree to your point (not points) & would like to give my thoughts.

Yes! Masses used to move on cycles, and there are hopes this number will magnify and be so, again. I usually see people commuting to work and totally motivate them, although I myself do not commute with my bike, due to lack of safe parking and sweaty attire in scorching heats (office is 25kms one way) I believe gradually it will get into the usual commute mode for others very soon as I trust cyclists have good convincing skills towards the mode.

Secondly to your point of it being portrayed as a matter of fitness is partially correct since there are cycles sold in the range of 1-5 lacs and these are purchased who are not specifically into fitness or race but would want to buy for features and quality (carbon fork/body) to just enjoy this hobby. It's really enjoyable.

Not all brands are portraying as fitness options. We as cyclist also do not show off but being proud with those amazing machines and sharing with others gives happiness. Cyclists can use thousand other items to show off for that price range.

About the Shimano gears being routine on many cycles, Gears help you commute on all road types (useful on inclines and declines). Infact people buying for sports would prefer single speed and burn their calories more rather than easy commuting to all terrains with a shimano & yes it is NOT WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT SHIMANO 'MAJORLY' DOES. Even you knew what they do and what they're known for. Please enlighten us with what they do (make sure it is what they MAJORLY do) Just so that you know 7 of 10 CYCLISTS know. (ACERA, ALTUS DEORE are also great options)

Well to do people can get themselves a treadmill, but not the consistency for early morning or late night rides
We find happiness with our cycling jackets on, shoes and helmets -  the weekends.

Higher prices higher features is applicable for everything but we can clearly see what we pay for. You can compare decathlon online for good mid ranged bikes with the carbon forks, discs variants. Although I ride basic 7speed roadbike with v brakes as it fits my riding style and usage. Have many friends using their bikes for 5+ years (MTB) and done good 20k+ kms without selling it or it lying

The LEADER bike you are seeing is just low quality manufactured and imported and is rebadged (it may last but no safety guaranteed) I too had bought an HRX cycle but that was also a badged Chinese bike which broke into 2 pieces mid road ahead of a truck within a year (5k kms done)

These are Just my thoughts, I am not a pro rider but been Cycling quite frequently since around 2020. For the love of cycling i just couldn't stop myself of stating facts. I may sound offended but I'm not, trying to make a positive impact and convince everyone to ride more.

Happy Riding!
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