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I had ordered few products from Zivame on 26th december 2019 and 29th december 2019 however i have received all the products on same day that is 29th december. Whereas in my mobile app it was showing delivery as 10th Jan 2020.After receiving the products i realized that products are not at all fitted me hence requested for return.next day one person came and picked up all the products(on 31st december).after returning i have called personally zivame to confirm that i have returned all the products and let me know when do i get my refund.after 10 days or so i again called to check whether they have received my product and the response was surprising,they told me they have received only 2 products out of 5.I told them that 4 products are packed in one box and another one is packed in 2nd box then how come u can receive only 2 out 4.they said give us few days and that took for them a month that too my multiple calls reminder. after all these now my 1 product is still pending which they have denied to refund saying they have not received the products and that means they have lost my product.i can summarize few things here
1)very inefficient technology,app development which never aligned with real time status.
2)Inefficient ware house people,who doesnot even know what products have come what not
3)extreme bad delivery service.no one even track who has come for pick up return products and whether products are safely returned.
4)pathetic management.they are least bother to check their delivery items and returned items and if customer demanding saying all the products are returned still they are safeguarding their useless system.
5)totally unfit products,sizes never matches with other brands.even quality is not good.
Zivame managemnet i have lost my money but if u continue doing the same you will loos all customers one day.

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Brand factory online was similar when i ordered 6 months back.
They even sent me 4 year old stock expressionless

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