worst service, unprofessional behaviour , unreasonable replies, no mail id to write to

Deal Newbie

I have full kyc account fully verified and today they stopped 4 incoming payments of 5000 each for no reason, without any message or information . After trying to complain, no mail ids are provided in any site for complaint. On call they said will try and resolve in 3 days ?… is it 3 days easy go?, then i explained that i have only handful of senders and recievers all repeated contacts, they explained that their cybercell has bolcked the account, there is no reason can imagine, my simple private account with all known senders , no proper reply, no reply at all, can’t explain how long, how much and how is my account is imposed a limit for what reason god knows? showing all colors of china, i have no reason to have limit of account, all bluff and lies about cybercell has made my account to limited , my account full kyc verified account no reason for cybercell to limit, full of lies, false work, unreliable service, no complaint mail id, only calls not listing the problem as explained, response offered three days later,
how are they allowed to function without a mailid to write to