Worst support from VijaySales and Hitachi AC

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Bought Hitachi 5 star inverter ac on 24th May. When I switched on, there was lot of noise. I raised a complaint same day of installation. Technician came and fixed the noise saying fan was not balanced.
There has been no cooling since day 1. Have raised so many complaints with Hitachi and VijaySales but no action.
Another technician came in between and put a feedback that ac location is not good.
I have been chasing both on daily basis but no action.
Any suggestions?
Also please avoid VijaySales and Hitachi AC going by my experience. There were many people at VijaySales complaining of Hitachi AC.
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Hitachi is the WORST AC. I have said this many times. Never buy Hitachi.

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Hitachi is the WORST AC. I have said this many times. Never buy Hitachi.

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could the non-service or poor service issues .. also be location/ locality specific?

Not taking their side. For that price.. i would A N Y D A Y rather have a Mitsubishi or similar.

Because yes, initially Hitachi never really wanted to enter. They barely let some distributors manage everything, below the occasional stockists. So yeah, they never really invested there own time, money, people to build a 'robust' service network.

but later they did have decent support in some locations.

Two different (very) close relatives have a Hitachi refrigerator and an air-conditioner since 9-9½ years.
Fridge was abused or put to too much chill/cold by some ladies.. so the hidden water/ice maker clogged for a while. And after switching off for 10-12 hours.. it was all good.

Luckily for both families, neither the refrigerator, nor the air-conditioner (both of Hitachi) had any issues. Like usually during pressure wash and stuff.. air-conditioner refrigerant leaks are common. But for them.. not even that.
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Might help to find out the e-mail addresses of the MD, group chairperson in 🇯🇵Nihon🇯🇵 or 🇮🇳here🇮🇳.. besides other top management persons.
Emphatic but calm e-mails to them, with expected resolution and the timelines within which one expects an 'acceptable' resolution.. is one way to approach this.

I mean, Rudaali on social media or consumer fora or to government websites is the usual thing people do/suggest.
So apart from that, I suggested the CMD/ top management option.

About the seller, I do not know what location it is or whether you have any documented record (e-mail, phone call) of approaching them,
but generally a lot depends on what the 'job sheet' (from the authorised or company operated service centre) says.

Technically they fairly cover their arse by passing the baton to the brands, if there are (what they claim to be) manufacturing flaws.

Sadly, ever other day i/we see cases.. where customers claim that so and so form does not have the concept of a job-sheet upon completion or even the visit..
OR.. customers are entirely unaware of the concept.

Versus sone in our extended family who refuse to sign even the LPG refill counterfoil.. even if the cylinder seemed old or dented.
Likewise with job-sheet (customer's sign and remarks) for simple stuff like AMCs for old (non RO) water purifiers..
even when the technician is a known person and he says he is coming back in 30-40 minutes with a replacement washer or pipe that might be damaged.

Job sheets are crucial evidence and one can always take a photo or video of the job-sheet.. while making the technician themselves hold it.
(After filling our remarks/ dissatisfaction or after refusing to sign the job sheet.. one can always save the same in the camera. And even if they claim that job-sheet is lost or was never filled, then there is the photo and/or video where the technician is holding it. If the technician is okay with it, he can bebasked to identify himself with name and who he is in the service centre.)

If you do have the details of the job-sheet and the misinformation in it from the service centre personnel, then a separate complaint about that too can be made.
Mostly nobody revokes the contract with their service centres, but one can definitely let the owners or managers know that you are approaching the brand HQ and home country offices with a request to revoke or close 'so and so' service centre.
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