Worst Wallet with Worst Services !

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I am using Pockets Wallet since 2 years ! On First attempt I have ordered my First Pockets Debit Card ! Starting from First there is no PIN required for offline transaction but after 1 year they changed to PIN compulsory for Offline Transactions ! My Wallet is made Inactive due to Minimum KYC Expired ! So total fault is of ICICI Bank Itself ! So my balance in wallet already blocked by them ! So following reply received :--------------------------------- " We observe that you minimum KYC has been expired in the pockets wallet ending with 43xxxxxxxxxxxx00 because of which you are facing the issue. We regret to inform you that currently KYC service is unavailable. "We are working on an alternate way to do KYC. This feature will be available soon." For using the pockets services you have to close the existing the pockets wallet and create the new pockets wallet from same mobile number by doing the minimum KYC. If you want to activate the new pockets wallet then we request you to call the pockets customer care from the same mobile number on 7569 867 777 So that we can do the needful. We thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you. Sincerely, Vivek Customer Service Officer ICICI Bank Limited _________________ " So by the reply I had found ICICI bank is worst in wallet services & won't respect costumers ! So I suggest everyone should note this bank is worst & won't care you if you find any inconvenience then just withdraw your account balance and uninstall app & Forget it !
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Many of these are also unsecure, for eg paytm has some users where some amounts goes missing little by little, thanks to hacking or whatever and the cc ppl won’t do anything.

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