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Iam thinking to buy samsung qled TV  (q60b) 43 inch. Costs around 45k.

Please let me know any other branded tvs(Moto,Kotak,Oneplus...) which is less priced and worth the purchase?

Any sort of advice/guidelines are welcomed. It will also be usefull for future budget buyers.
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Man people spend so much on TVs. I have been using a Realme Tab which has a 2k display as my "TV" until now for the last 2 years (and before that a Lenovo FHD 10 inch tab, previous to that an iPad). It is portable and I literally take it with me with many downloaded content from Netflix, books, Spotify playlist when I travel. 

Just today (really! today itself) I got a Jio Fiber connection and the salesman basically forced me into paying 200 INR more for TV connection and some 16 OTT apps. The existing ACT connection runs under a construction site somewhere nearby and is getting disconnected often. There was no internet in my area for three straight days last week (although I have 350 Mbps+ speed 5G on both of Jio numbers), that made many people in the society to switch to Jio Fiber. I do not have a TV yet, so during installation, I hooked the "free" set top box (it also came with a "free" router) to a good 24 inch FHD monitor and the picture quality sucks so bad with 1080p50 settings on the STB. I pestered the technician why it is so and whether it will improve if and when I buy a TV and he was like, "Everything will look bigger but you'd never get the sharpness of this 2k tab no matter how good your TV is." And then he sat for 20 minutes and watched some cricket on the tab as Bangladesh wickets tumbled in a quick succession before leaving. 

Just an hour back ordered a cheap ass TV with no intention to switch my viewing to a TV completely. I genuinely feel TV is such an old concept. Absolutely honestly, my S.O. and I prefer watching completely different contents. I often watch YT tech reviews, she makes a disgusted/throwing up face if she finds me watching any of those. I like documentaries, cricket, Football, YT motivational videos, Netflix stand ups. She likes Indian Idol, some awful regional content in Hotstar, YT cooking videos, Netflix fantasies/romantic comedies. I do not even know how people sit together and watch TV with such disparate preferences. A good AMOLED/pOLED 120Hz 5G tab with a good SD870/SD888 or newer SOC at 20-25k will be so much better for individual content consumption.


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