Wrong home branch showing in newly opened HDFC Bank account

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today i had opened HDFC Bank savings max account online. After filling basic details, aadhar authentication i got the option to select home branch (i live in Kanpur UP ). I selected the nearest one to me and then received the vkyc link. Vkyc was done successfully. I got the bank account no. and ifsc code. Then when i proceeded to fund my account in mobile banking app under profiles it was showing my home branch different to what i had selected. I googled and found out home branch showing was of Maharashtra. I was shocked how could it be possible since it wasn't even in available options to select. I called the customer care but as excepted they asked me to contact nearest branch. I had the no. of RM of branch which i had selected in my form. He told me that by default it shows home branch of place from where your vkyc was done by bank but once kyc gets updated it will correctly reflect the selected branch. Should i trust him since he told me with in a day or two it would be updated or he is lying


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It will be updated later. No need to worry.

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normal thing, when you open new bank account, it shows their centralised branch, after 1-2 days it will start showing your home branch.

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even if it doesn't change. you can change it yourself once your account is active https://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/resources/way...

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Don't worry. It happens every time. It will be updated within 5 days. 

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Anyways.. they give anywhere banking. so can visit any branch for any service if anything required.

I am banking with ICICI 15 yrs+ but hardly visited (2 or 3 times) to branch.

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Any benefit of this  savings Max account?

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