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I ordered a product from Flipkart at a good price but they delivered some small plastic in the box. I just came home and unboxed the product. How can I return it now as the returned window is over now.
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I have a unboxing video of the product too

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was it Open box delivery? if yes and return window is also closed now, I don't think you can return the item, unfortunately.. 

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Once the return limit is over, I doubt they will do anything.

Your best bet is to reach out to their cs head or tweet at them, anything else might not work.

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try sharing the unboxing video on twitter as FK Customer Care is literally useless these days as they will give generic replies and say they are working/escalating the issue

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I hope you are not careless just because you missed return window.

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were you waiting for the return window to be closed?

no one else would know about the correct product when received? Unless it was a Highly sensitive product that family couldn't receive on behalf of you?

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Did you order a smartwatch....???

I also received just a small plastic Instant of smartwatch some days ago from Flipkat

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Appreciate the concern,
thank you for the heads-up
and sorry to know that you faced this nuisance.

Hope you got a timely and acceptable resolution for your loss of time, energy and lost opportunity to have the expected item.

Maybe it is time to start a similar list as this http://desidime.com/discussions/good-bad-sellers-of-paytm But for the mushrooming sellers on other portals.

If okay with you, mind letting others know the link of the seller's profile?
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I once ordered a racket set from Flipkart when the delivery guy came, he was holding a small pouch, smaller than my palm. I was shocked and asked where the racket is? He said inside sir.

Then I showed him my order details in the app and asked how a racket set can fit inside this small pouch. He too was confused and took back the order.

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Bro same happened with me ordered mobile 4gb/64gb they sent me higher version.

I was genuinely saying customer service that I got higher cost model and they replied we can't do anything so i kept sweat_smile

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