Need info on Yes Prosperity Prime Savings Account


Does anyone know what happened to this account type? I haven't been using the account much and the Debit Card (Rupay Platinum) expired a while ago. I was being charged SMS charges for few quarters, but then it stopped. I got that account as 0 Balance account with Yes First Exclusive Credit Card long ago. But after devaluations, I stopped using it completely. Only a couple transactions in last few years.

I called customer care and they said MAB is 10K for your account. My query is that should I keep this account and renew(249+gst) the Debit Card to use for Amazon Offers? Will the sms charges resume if I start using the account again or shall I go ahead and close the Savings account for good. The Credit card is LTF, so it will be still lying around.

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Better to close and opt for NSDL jiffy or AU

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