You guys won't believe what the f.... happened with me today

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Today I was trying for CC to bank. I did my 9K₹ transaction in my Paytm.
And for another 10K₹ I called to my close friend. Then I shared my card number expiry date and CVV. Earlier we talked about 10K₹. After I shared details.
Someone just came in call. He was speaking another language I felt like tracing. How can someone just connected in my call. Unable to understand. After 3/4 seconds he connected. I started doing recording. Then I listened it carefully and felt like he was talking about something 10K… I was fuc…. Shocked…
I turned off transaction access from mobile app. But afraid that if someone just come in phone call. He can do anything.

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Seinfeld wrote:

I know sometimes we have to ignore RBI’s warnings about sharing card details, but still if you do.

Put limits on the card (say 10k, switch off all int + ATM channels).

Never share full details on the same channel..

say you give cc no on whatsapp except the last digit..
sms cvv + expiry
call and give the rest details only.

High chance is the friend itself won’t be finding the full details in future, and will ask you again, repeat the same process to be safe.

Almost everyone with a recent smartphone nowadays has auto call recording enabled.

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guest_999 wrote:

Almost everyone with a recent smartphone nowadays has auto call recording enabled.

Yes. my main point was to make it tough for anybody to get the full details.

The friend will definitely know it.

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Jio do this
I enjoyed such conversation with unknown perseons for hours using two mobile numbers
I call my friend number , my call connects to another person and another person connects to my friend even though incoming number shows as mine we talk to strangers for hours like this ,