YouTube on Laptop - Setting default playback speed to 1.1X

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Does anyone know how to automatically play all videos at 1.1x and automatically enable subtitles everytime for all videos?

Whenever I set these settings, they reset for each new video. Is there a way to set it automatically whenever I open YouTube? Maybe via some Firefox extension?

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Ofcourse it isn't my business,

But why are you in a hurry ?

Critic Critic
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Good point! I listen at 0.7X speed sad

Pro Shopping Friend Pro Shopping Friend
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Enhancer for YouTube extension

Benevolent Benevolent
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From the last 2-3 days, the YouTube window has been lagging on my PC, despite no internet issues. Any else facing similar issue?

Finance Ninja Finance Ninja
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I think YouTube is slowly rolling out updates for ad blockers, which is causing the website to feel laggy. However, I'm not experiencing any issues on my laptop.
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