Zingoy is asking for Full KYC using Aadhar Is it safe?


While buying amazon shopping voucher using Ola Money (which is stuck with no other use), Zingoy is asking for Full KYC using Aadhar. Is it normal and safe? Should I go for it? TIA

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You can transfer ola money to bank via paytm fastag at free of cost or from snapay at 2-3% charges
Both these options are better from amz shopping voucher from my view.

Btw i don't think full kyc is required for purchasing gv from zingoy (unless you are purchasing in bulk)

Priviously kyc was required for selling gv on zingoy platform and i have also done full kyc so no problem here.

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I am buying just 4.5K vouchers as money is stuck in Ola Wallet

I dont have Paytm Fastag or Snapay and dont want to open just for this

by the way can you please explain the process for loading Paytm Fastag using Ola Wallet?

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If your cumulative orders from a single zingoy account exceed 25000, they would ask for full kyc. 

Though they are using a third party secure provider for kyc, I don't feel comfortable sharing aadhar for small things. Is ola money linked to the registered mobile number of zingoy account ? 

If not, you can purchase from another zingoy account 

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thanks! is that 25K monthly cap? or overall?

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It is Aadhaar E-KYC. AFAIK, they ask this once the total purchases amount to 10K+. And it is in accordance with the RBI guidelines for Gift card sellers / PPIs (had to do KYC with Woohoo/Qwickcilver too)

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no issue with zingoy, I completed my kyc long ago.

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