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Celebrating Singlehood : Singles Day Sale Offers

The most anticipated and financially critical sale event is here again! No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Neither is it the Black Friday Sale, nor is it Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. Yes, there’s an event even more grand than these insanely rewarding events and that is the Singles' Day Sale! What makes us say that? It’s the estimated numbers telling us that Singles Day Sale is now four times bigger than the Black Friday Sale. Yup, that’s right!

“What is Singles Day?” you might be wondering. Well, there’s the long running Valentine’s Day, celebrating the union of two individuals. But what about celebrating single individuals? It was this very question that begged for a day to celebrate the anti-Valentine’s day or those people who decided to fall in love with themselves. Thus, began Singles Day all the way back in the 1990’s from the mass production hub itself, China.

Mark the official date on your calendar, it’s the 11th of November. In case that doesn’t drive home, it’ll be easier to remember 11:11, because Singles Day Sale is also called the 11:11 Sale.

What does Singles Day Sale has to do?

All thanks to Alibaba, taking charge of what was an insignificant day in the larger scheme of things, making Singles Day what it is today. Jack Ma, China’s richest man and founder of Alibaba decided to use this opportunity and commercialized the event in 2009.

Who could have anticipated that within a short time frame of just 9 years, the event would amass about £24 billion in sales? This was up 27% from 2018. With Alibaba, several online Chinese Giants such as, AliExpress, Lazada, Zalora began participating in Singles Day making it as big as it is today. It has since been dubbed the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival by Ma.

The annual event kicks off at midnight and runs for 24 hours featuring steep never-seen-before discounts.

Which big Retailers are celebrating Singles Day?

Although Singles Day roots go back to China, the Singles Day trend has picked up tremendously all around the world, India being one prominent participant. Quite a few online stores will hit you with Singles Day Offers :

AliExpress Singles Day Offers: AliExpress has already initiated their countdown to the most anticipated Chinese Sale Event. AliExpress has worked tirelessly and made its name as the Ultimate International Online Wholesaler. Shoppers have time and again been swept off their feet with mouth-watering deals and top-notch shipping timelines making it hard to resist shopping from them. Furthermore, AliExpress has expressed a major cut down in cost of clothing, electronic devices and home improvement items. That too a good 50% off. Make the most of AliExpress Singles Day Offers this November.

GearBest Singles Day Offers : The hub for all electronics is definitely the online store to hit up this Singles Day Sale Season. Having cut down on their price to as high as about 60%, we assure you that the perfect gadget is waiting for you. Shop till you drop with GearBest Singles Day Offers.

LightInTheBox Singles Day Offers: This Online Retail Company absolutely has our heart. Selling a diverse array of products including apparel, electronics, accessories and home & garden supplies, they carry it all. Get your hands on some LightInTheBox merchandise this Singles Day.

Banggood Singles Day Offers: Banggood has brought in the goodness of China’s high quality goods to the world since its inception. Being the hub for finding the best bargains, Banggood is the ultimate store for all your online shopping. Discover rock bottom prices on smartwatches and other accessories. Offers as high as 50% on smartphones will be the deals to watch out for during the Banggood Singles Day Sale.

Alibaba Singles Day Offers: The prideful and deserving originator of the Singles Day Event, Alibaba is undoubtedly the highest rated online retailer when it comes to deals. As soon as you visit the landing page of Alibaba, a 10% discount is sitting the for you that too applicable on over a million products. Discover many such incredible offers on everyday items only with Alibaba Singles Day Offers.

Nike Singles Day Offers : The world renowned athleisure brand is also taking part in the Singles Day Sale. Over the past couple of years, they have focussed on providing a discount ranging from 10% to 15% on each item available on their website. This discount includes their footwear, clothing and swimwear essentials along with many other sportswear items.

Amazon Singles Day Offers : Having proven their impeccable customer care and exceptional customer support services, Amazon has accumulated several loyal customers ever since they started. The World’s largest e-commerce marketplace has everything to offer on a silver platter, delivered to you in a delightful package. Experience the Amazon Singles Day Sale this November.

How to prepare yourself for the Singles Day Sale?

Being one of the largest sale events world over, it’s certainly worth planning in advance for. In order to make the most out of the Singles Day Sale, we have a few tips to get you started on your preparations :

# Jot down your wishlist items : It’s important that you have a crystal clear understanding of what you need v/s what looks exciting on face value. Before the sale makes you jump to things you may not need, it makes sense to make a note of what’s truly an important purchase.

# Pre-order sale items : Alibaba has a number of stores that permits shoppers to pre-order items as per the slashed down prices. This is a great way to grab all important items that may get wiped out soon after the sale starts.

# Fill up your shopping cart in advance : If you have your eye hard-set on an item that may not be available for pre-sale, it’s a great idea to save the item in your shopping cart. And as soon as the sale kicks off, all you have to do is make a payment.

# Do your research : A sale may not necessarily mean the product is at its best price. It makes sense that you take your time to learn how good a bargain it may or may not be. From customer reviews and price comparisons, it’s crucial you know how good an investment it really is.

Best Deals & Offers on Mobiles on Singles Day Sale 2022 :

Singles Day Sale will be absolutely incomplete if not for incredible offers on mobile phone. From brands such as Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo or Xiaomi, there’s even participation in one of China’s biggest sale events. Emerging Chinese Manufactures are hell bent in ensuring they have the right market and find the Singles Day Sale most lucrative.

Exciting Offers on Electronic Gadgets during Singles Day Sale 2022 :

If you’ve missed some of India’s major sale events this year, we bet you the Singles Day Sale Offers can help you make up for it. Electronics being the most used gadgets, die more often than we want them to. Therefore, the sale period is certainly the best time in invest yet save in a really cool electronic device you’ve had your heart set on. Get your hands on some funky power banks, headsets, bluetooth speakers, Tablets from top brands and several other everyday essentials.

Offers on Smartwatches and Accessories on Singles Day Sale 2022 :

The convenient and robust device can be easily found during Singles Day Offers. Smartwatches can come across as pricey but not when there are several mouth-watering offers waiting to entice you. To optimise your work, purchase a great smartwatch and other accessories to save on time and money.

Offers on Fashions & Clothes during Singles Day Sale :

Thanks to the fashion giant ASOS, Fashion sales during Singles Day are the most awaited ones. Delivering cutting edge fashion for men and women, ASOS Singles Day Offers certainly take the cake among all fashion offers. Keep a lookout for some crazy ASOS deals during the Singles Day Offers 2022.

The second best label to get your hands on is without a doubt, Nike. Replace your aging running shoes this Singles Day Sale. Online store such as Rosegal and Zavvi give out some insane fashion deals too!

Why choose DesiDime for Singles Day Sale?

The Indian market base has been endorsing the Singles Day Sale Event ever since the digital consumer base has been driving search volumes to exponential levels. Rapid transformation of technology has resulted in online businesses targeting the population that has access to the Internet, AKA just about everyone.

Not only do we as internet users have access to Singles Day Sale but have additional means to save over and above the sale offers. Thanks to DesiDime, an online shopping community now you can save extra on your shopping and seek shopping advice from the best shoppers out there!

Prior to any major festival season, DesiDime brings together all the offers dedicated to that festival. Similarly, we have a page for Singles Day where we update the bargains for all our Indian Shoppers. To be in with the best chance of grabbing a heavily discounted phone, tablet, smartwatch, or even more be sure to keep an eye on this page.