Defective Brands promotion and Pathetic custome...

Defective Brands promotion and Pathetic customer service from Amazon

Deal Cadet

My fellow dimers beware of that the Amazon is promoting fake brands for selling defective items to its customers. I am sharing here such recent awful experience of mine.
I bought a fan from their Amazon promoted brand the “LifeLong” ( Nov,17 ( boasting with providing a warranty of 2 years replacement at our doorstep).
Since that (Nov,17) was the winter season we started using the fan only in Mar,18 and to our shock, the fan started jamming with loud noise from bearing within the first two months of use.
So we dialed the provided LifeLong customer care contact number but no one attended our call so we contacted their email support too but no response from there too.
So as a last resort, we contacted Amazon chat support for help, but to my utter dismay, their reply is even more ridiculous “obtain no-service letter” from the manufacturer through phone to claim the refund. And when I persisted with my counter to him that “how can we obtain such a non-denial of service letter from an un-attending/ir-responsive customer care people”, instead of doing something needful, the Amazon agent signed-off the chat.
The following is the full chat transcription with the Amazon agent named Ravinder on dt: 08.06.2018 at 5:30pm by which you can assess yourself how pathetic is the Amazon customer care support now a days and how much defective are their promoted brand products.

Me: My order 404-2847677-4449139
You are now connected to ravindra from
ravindra: Good Evening , my name is Ravindra. How may I help you today?
Me: My order number:404-2847677-4449139
ravindra: Yes Kosana.
Me: The product (fan) was bought in Nov,2017 and since that was the winter season, we have not used it immediately and started using it since Mar,2018 only and within few months of use, the fan started jamming with loud noise at bearing. The issue has been raised to the LifeLong customer care but there is no use
ravindra: As I have understand your product got defective, Right?
Me: yes
The product is having two years warranty but the customer care is not responding to our mails
ravindra: Thanks for the confirmation.
I am really apologized for this, But Don´t worry about this, I am here always for your help.
Me: Even though we bought it before 7 months, we hardly used it for 2 months
Within this short period itself, the fan stopped its functioning
ravindra: Thanks for the confirmation.
Let me check this for you. May I place you on hold for one minute while I look in to this for you?
Me: yah
ravindra: Thank you for being on hold.
Me: k
ravindra: Kosana, As I have check this product Amazon Return Window: Expired on Friday 1 December 2017, so in this case you have claim the warranty, so I am requesting you please contact on Lifelong customer care 011-46017700 and they provide you nearest service center and you have to go there , if they deny to provide service , ask them to provide you service deny letter and send on [email protected] and we help you with refund or replacement.
Me: I have already contacted their customer care email
but there is no response since 10 days
No response is nothing but denial
ravindra: I do understand this please contact on there customer care number.
and you get the instant resolution.
Me: Do you thing through phone contact, they send letter?
ravindra: please contact on Lifelong customer care 011-46017700 and they provide you nearest service center and you have to go there
Me: Read the warranty condition
they will provide replacement at door step
Now they are not responding at all
ravindra: Sure, But this is manufacture warranty, so in this case you have to contact to manufacture , if this our hand I will surely do needful in this case.
Me: Do you think such fellows give denial of service letter The no response to our complaint itself is a denial of service
Why do you promote such brand??
If you are not interested in taking any responsibility after purchase
ravindra: I do understand this but there are some policies and I can’t break the policies, so I am requesting you please contact to manufacture.
Me: Do you able to understand??
I have contacted them but no response from them
ravindra: Please contact on there customer care number because we have separate team for this and if you provide the service deny letter , then we have contact them.
My hand is tie due to policies.
Me: If they don’t respond or don’t give letter, what will you do??
Do you also deny your responsibilities??
ravindra: I do understand this but as per policies you have to contact to manufacture , if product in amazon return window we surely provide refund or replacement for the same.
The company provides 1 year warranty on the product. In-case the product has any manufacturing defect in the warranty period, the company will offer replacement of the same. Please contact customer care helpline for warranty related queries
Me: but you are not understanding that the company is not responding hence i am here
ravindra: Please contact to there customer care number or service center
Me: Through phone anyone can give letter??
how do you expect such things
ravindra: please contact on Lifelong customer care 011-46017700 and they provide you nearest service center details.
Me: yes contacted but not attending
you can try yourself by dialing once
before advising us
ravindra: I do understand this but only manufacture help you in this concern.
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to assist any further on this issue, but we’ll be willing to provide any help you may need in the future.
Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: it’s ridiculous
ravindra: As there is no additional action we can take over this matter, I am forced to release this chat. Thank you for shopping with Amazon.
ravindra from has left the conversation.

2 Dimers

It’s sad this happened to you but I don’t think Amazon can help much in this case. It’s been 7 months.

You will have to contact LifeLong for that. On their website, this is the number for customer care.
Customer Support Helpline +91 9711558877

Visit here for more info.

If they do not respond then contact them on Facebook or Twitter. and

If they still do not contact then visit their service center.

If they still do not fix your issues, then it’s up to you how far you want to go. If you are motivated enough then send them a legal notice. Send notice to LifeLong, LifeLong service center and Amazon India’s legal team. They will know that you mean business and most probably one of them will fix your issue. If they do not then file a complain at your local consumer court. Make sure that you have all the communication logs as proof and bills etc.

I have faced similar issues in the past and I filed consumer court cases against 3 vendors. I won all of them. I got my money back + interest + my expenses + compensation for the physical and mental pain I suffered.

And in future, always stick to well known brands and most importantly check reviews.

Deal Newbie

Order a new fan of the same brand and return the old one within the return period of the new fan.
Pack the old fan properly in the new box with new receipts
You will get refund for the new fan.
You can do this with some other account also.
The only problem would be if the new fan you receive is also defective.