Four stages of novel corona virus, India reache...

Four stages of novel corona virus, India reaches this stage

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Four stages of novel corona virus, India reaches this stage

Due to the increasing outbreak of Corona virus in the world, precautions are being taken in many ways, in such a situation, many states have been locked down in India. Now India Novel Coronavirus is currently on ‘Stage 2’, if strict steps are not taken soon. So the outbreak of this virus will enter ‘Stage 3’. These days you will get to hear such things in the media. But have you ever wondered what that means? We are talking about the four stages of the outbreak of novel coronaviruses that the world is going through at different times: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4. Actually, this stage is talking about the rising outbreak of corona virus and its level. As the stage grows, it takes more and more form, let us know about it in detail. …

Stage 1: When it is found in this stage then the imported case i.e. the cases from outside, when the person coming from a country with outbreak of COVID-19 or returned is found infected, then such case is called imported case. For example, cases of infection can be found in those coming from countries with coronavirus outbreaks.

Stage 2: In this stage, infection of this virus increases and makes others sick as well, in which local transmission means local transmission when the virus reaches those who come in contact with the infected patient. Such cases are seen in his family or friends. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India is currently in Stage 2.

Stage 3: This red signal is superficial in which community transmission ie community transmission is not necessary at this stage that the person infected has come from countries with virus outbreak or has been in contact with the infected patient. At this stage, the transmission starts in such a large number that it becomes difficult to find out how and where people are getting infected with the virus.

Stage 4: Epidemic means when these viruses start spreading in people very fast in a short time, then the conditions of National Health Emergency become. India’s testing strategy is currently focusing on those who have traveled to foreign countries and they may be cases from outside ie Stage 1. If symptoms are seen in such people and the test result is positive, then the next step is to test their close contacts i.e. Stage 2, when those who meet the infected person can also be found infected. Therefore, it is necessary that as responsible citizens of this country, we should stop spreading this infection and stay at home, contribute to the national interest and it is good for us and the country to stop spreading this infection. Ctd by Online 24×7   

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